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1934 Highboy

1934 Highboy

My new web site is up and running at Its purpose is to help custom car owners with problems, help them avoid future problems and save a few bucks. It’s an expensive hobby and I’ve seen too many car owners with headaches and nightmares, most all of which are avoidable. So, car guys and gear heads check it out. Give me some feedback to make the site better and check out my ebooks. Tell me what you want to know more about and I’ll do my best to help you guys.

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May 30, 2013 · 3:19 pm

1978 Rolls Royce pickup

1978 Rolls Royce pickup

In 1982 I guilt this 1978 (I think) Rolls Royce pickup while working for O”Gara Coachworks as their prototype engineer. It started life as a Silver Cloud but was transformed quite easily into the pickup you see. It was built for a client who was Michael Jackson’s neighbor at the time. I wonder where this car is today. Anyone know anything about this car?


May 29, 2013 · 11:17 pm

Rust damage in the extreme

Rust damage in the extreme

This poor 68 Mustang fastback has seen better days but its owner hopes its best days are ahead. You might assume that this car spent time under water to get this bad. Waiting in the wings are new floor pans, two new rear quarters and a sequential taillight rear panel, along with some other rust repair that involves hand fabrication. This car will become an “Eleanor” clone. I’ll keep you updated.

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May 26, 2013 · 3:56 pm

32 Highboy

32 Highboy

This is the watercolor I painted of my friend’s car. It’s 15″ X 22″ on 300lb Arches hot pressed paper. I really just wanted to post the photo but I do have prints available in a signed and numbered limited edition and the original painting, although in my private collection is also for sale. Please contact me for more information.

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May 18, 2013 · 11:05 pm

Build, Buy and Sell Custom Cars

I’ve just completed writing five eBooks about buying, building and selling custom cars. I had an idea for one book but that led to two more.  Then my friend Phil suggested another good one and that brought about the fifth book.  Boy am I tired. They aren’t published yet because I am still going through the steep learning curve of the in’s and out’s of eBook publishing.  If anyone out there has any advice or suggestions, I’m all ears.

The eBooks are as follows:

1. Secrets  to getting the best deal on a custom car

2.Secrets to selling your custom car for top dollar

3. Insider secrets of how to buy and sell custom and classic cars for profit

4. How to build an award winning custom car

5. How to find the best custom car shop in your area

I’ve worked in the custom car industry for over thirty-five years and have learned a lot of things that most custom car enthusiasts don’t know but should.  I’ve seen and heard a lot of nightmare stories and wrote these books to help custom car buyers, builders and sellers to save money, avoid headaches and nightmares and guys enjoy their cars more.

I am currently looking for a copy editor to look over my work.  The books are not very long but it’s a bigger job than I thought.  If any of you guys out there have any questions about your car or truck before the books are published, I’ll try to address them here in future blogs.

Please check back to learn more and find out when the books will be available. Until then, if I can help, please let me know.

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Denny’s 32 Three Window Coupe

Denny's 32 Three Window Coupe

I spent many hours, hundreds of hours restoring and customizing this car for my friend Denny at New Start Auto Works. The custom tail lights are a nice touch. The photo does not do them justice. I’ve since used this photo to paint a watercolor.

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May 18, 2013 · 10:27 pm