1978 Rolls Royce pickup

1978 Rolls Royce pickup

In 1982 I guilt this 1978 (I think) Rolls Royce pickup while working for O”Gara Coachworks as their prototype engineer. It started life as a Silver Cloud but was transformed quite easily into the pickup you see. It was built for a client who was Michael Jackson’s neighbor at the time. I wonder where this car is today. Anyone know anything about this car?


May 29, 2013 · 11:17 pm

4 responses to “1978 Rolls Royce pickup

  1. sindy schubert

    Hello Lance! I remember you…. I remember the car/truck very well!
    My name is Sindy Schubert I worked for Ogara Coachworks too. I was one of the original three people working in the trailer out behind the plant (doing the wood working…consoles, bezels, package trays and the lacquer finishes.etc As i remember, the Rolls was a pale yellow, it had etched roses in the glass small side windows and a beautiful Teak wood bed. I was with you when you were installing the wood (i helped just a little on the finish touch ups.) I kinda remember at the plant we nicnamed her yellow rose of texas. I also believe it went to Actor/ Mayor of Encino California Lyle Waqgoner. He lived next to jacksons home on Havenhurst off of Balboa in Encino (San Fernando Valley) Wow this takes me back! Back then wasnt Mahoney was still trying to crawl up your butt with law suits? Or were they trying to steel you from Ogara?. Ahhh the Hatfield and Mc Coys of Limmos! The other specialty cars we were working on at that time other than the Saudi Limmos were the 9 pissy short stretch Mustangs? that went to Japan: Telly Savalas “Kojack’s ” car; Our 1st Austin Martin and 2 extremely rush limmos for Arnold Palmer ….1 of which came back to us beat to hell from a hail storm >>>idiots at the train depot didnt load it in a covered container! We all had our hands full back then. Didnt you go back to Germany back around then for a few weeks learning AMG? Me, well I got fed up with Ogara. between their intolerable sexest treatment towards me and their lousy nickle raise I got I was easily lured to go work for Mahoney. Started with a $13.00 hour raise….6 month paid vacation! Then off to Schaumberg Illinois I went. 2 others left Ogara with me. Charlie Hall who did the lacquer finishes in the wood shop and Javier the head of upholstery. We went to Mahoney and set up their in house wood shop materials equipment and all and to start off we designed and built King Fauud of Saudi Arabia’s custom limmo. We designed a sweet new console for the Mercedes limmo and tweaked out Earl Mahonys personal Rolls Royce. Id like to chat with you if you got the time 830-837-2442 Im currently living in Texas.
    Sindy Schubert

  2. Mark bonner

    I just saw it in Santa Rosa, Ca. It’s now owned by Cole Creek Winery in Healdsburg, Ca

  3. Greg Dexter

    It’s actually Cole Creek vineyard in healdsburg ca. Not sure I agree with Sindy about the cars origin.

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