ADD and the seventh and a health dimension

I discovered that I had ADD about ten years ago. The trouble is that I’ve had ADD all my life. Fortunately, I tend to make lemonade out of lemons and managed to manage a severe case of ADD without a prison record, tattoos or body piercings. Thank you Jesus or whoever is up there. I’m not dead yet, but boy did I have the chances. I’ve flown Huey’s up and down the Ho Chi Mhin trail, crashed two helicopters and a small plane, have over sixty skydiving jumps including one over North Viet Nam, several other night and water jumps. I had a Most Secret/Top Secret/Krypto clearance, lived in Tehran and drove a Mini Cooper off a hundred foot cliff (no, not on purpose). Now no one wants to fly or ride with me, but their lives are far less interesting.

Me at LaguardiaMe on the Gulf of Oman

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