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My sixty-plus years of experience gained from a very unique series of adventures has transformed my life and led to greater happiness, inner peace, a deeper appreciation for all life and a pleasant sense of well being. I’ve struggled my entire life to discover my true self. Some already know who they are before they are seven years old while others make a choice and follow that path. Me, I saw many paths, and my curious, creative and open-minded yet unsupervised, unstoppable, adventurous spirit tried to do it all.

Many who know me or have heard some of my adventures have encouraged me to write a book, so I did, and folks seem to like it, but that led me to see ways I can share and help others enjoy and appreciate a happier, richer, more meaningful and rewarding life. Maybe I’ll only make you smile a little or answer a question about custom car building or share a watercolor painting tip, but my broad experience and desire to know more just may help some of you go on to greater things.

When you give to, share with or help someone, you are doing the right thing. I would like to use what I have to help when I can. What better thing to do than to help others somehow be happier? My adventures have not ended and my journey continues with the next step.

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