“Now Showing”

I’m 67 years old and been going to the Kiggins Theater since I was about 5. Back then, parents would drop their kids off for the Saturday matinee, then go home and have there hours of uninterrupted, well, never mind.

First came the newsreel: black and white film clips of events from around the world, followed by a Warner Brothers cartoon, then a half hour serial, like the Lone Ranger or Buck Rogers, and finally, the feature film, all for twenty-five cents. With a box of Junior Mints, a Coke and a bucket of popcorn, it was still less than a dollar. After the show, the parents would be waiting for their sugared-up snowflakes, then take them home and let them run and play outside the rest of the day, unsupervised.

You could do that back then. Most everyone had an uncle who was a little strange but kidnaping and child molesting was all but unheard of, except for the Lindberg’s, but I digress.

This is a watercolor I started two years ago and struggled with until I gave up, not being able to convincingly poetry the neon, but a recent insight allowed me to finally complete the painting. What do you think?

My camera got the colors just right but left the edges kind of shadowy. I tried to use the dodge tool in Photoshop but it looks a little spotty. The painting will soon hang in the Aurora Gallery, directly across the street from the theater.

Kiggins painting

“Now Showing” Kiggins Theater

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