Good FriendsChallenge

I have lots of friends, but I have a few special friends whom I hold dear. I love each of them for different reasons, but they have all given me something that I cherish and would be the lesser for not having known each of them, including a couple ex-wives. Not all of them, but a couple.

In a recent conversation with one of my top five, I was inspired, not by what was said, but by my rumination of our conversation to challenge myself, just as I did with the neon in the “Kiggins” watercolor I recently posted.

It’s easy to be self-centered when you live alone. That’s why I have a cat, so I talk to him instead of talking to myself. His name is Filbert. It sounds like I’m starting to ramble but I’ll pull it all together right now.

I’ve never given to charities because not all, if any of your money reaches those who need it, but I want to give back in thanks for all that I do have, somehow. Filbert suggested that I try to do one good deed a day. What a brilliant cat! He’s Abyssinian, and they say they’re the smartest, and they are four thousand years old. I thought he was only five! I always want to help people, but how often do I? Holding the door for the person right behind you hardly counts. My new challenge is to do one good deed a day.

Pay it forward. I like it. I’ve been paid forward and I’ve carried on. That’s great, but this is a little different. I am now looking for someone to help. So, I’m getting outside of “me” and thinking of someone else, and “Bingo!” The rewards are instantaneous.

So, (he finally gets to the point) my challenge to you, the half dozen or so that may read this far, is to promise yourself to do one small thing that helps someone else every day. I’m talking about strangers here. We do this all day long for family. Do one kind thing for a stranger every day. That person feels good, you feel good, win/win.

For the four or five people who may have read this far, please give me some feedback and, if you do this, some daily progress or updates. Bonus points for helping children, the homeless or veterans. Adopting a pet is cool but you can’t do that every day. The two or three of you left, let’s get creative and go help some people. Let’s hear your stories. I’ll share mine.

The photo below is of a watercolor I painted of my lifelong friend, Rod, who continues to inspire me to paint. Rod

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  1. Terry Thomas ( your friendly toff)

    Lobsang Rampa book, Living with the Lama, was described as being dictated to Rampa by his pet Siamese cat, Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers. If Filbert could be taught to do the same you could use the book sales to help the homeless. BTW, Portland has lots of soup kitchens looking for volunteers.

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