A page from my sketchbook

I started drawing in  sketchbook back in 1972, and now am working on the 37th and a halfth sketchbook. I say, halfth, because there are a couple that were started and not finished. One is a bound collection of stuff that I printed  fifteen or twenty years ago, and another is a kind-of scrapbook, but the rest are blank books I’ve filled with sketches, drawings, notes and observations.

Most of the books I’ve made myself because the blank books available back then did not have the best paper for drawing, especially ink. The ink would bleed through, so, I bought good drawing paper at the art store and learned how to make my own books. It’s not rocket science and kind of fun to make a nice, leather bound book with the right paper.

But I digress: This is a page from my latest sketchbook. I’m into “steampunk.” It’s just a new term for gritty fantasy sic/fi, like “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” or “Bladerunner.” Remember, I worked on that movie and helped build the flying car, but I digress. I’ll post a page now and then. Give me some feedback.

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