One of a kind . . .


This is my Macbook Pro. Those who know me aren’t surprised, but who else wraps their laptop in leather then draws a Steampunk airship on it?

I worked on the production of the movie, “Bladerunner,” building the Spinner, the flying car in the movie. Then, as support for the car, in case it broke something, I and a few others were allowed on the Burbank studio set during the filming of a half dozen scenes. Directed by Ridley Scott, he ordered Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer around like schoolboys, filling the roll of God quite well.

At the end of filming, all the props were put in a warehouse, among them, the advertising blimp that floated over the city in the movie. On the top, where cameras could not see, filming from below, were written the words that summed up what we came to call, “The Ridley Effect.”

“Ridley Is God.”

For no reason at all, I’ve wrapped my laptop in leather, top, bottom and edges, and created my autographed tribute to Ridley Scott, whom I deeply admire. Now I’m offering my one-of-a-kind Macbook Pro, Ridley edition, for sale. You too can experience “The Ridley Effect.”

In many ways, this is the best of the 13 inch MacBooks because it is the late 2012 model actually manufactured in 2014, with Firewire, two USB ports, an SD card slot and the DVD. It has an upgraded 8MB of RAM and when sold, a brand new 500GB or larger hard drive will be installed with the latest OS and updates, a desktop image of the Spinner, and a file containing photos I took during the production, along with a brief story, other images of my illustrations and paintings, and my autobiography, “I Died But I Got Better.”

The laptop is in excellent condition and works like a new one, less than two years old since new, out of the box, with about four or five months of remaining “Applecare.” The battery is strong, the screen is clear and scratch free and this is the only one in the world bound in leather with a steampunk cartoon illustration tribute of “The Ridley Effect.”

The leather is deerskin that has been superglued to the aluminum case. The buyer must use the machine with a bit of care. The leather wrap will hold up under normal use but rough treatment will take its toll. In fact, I’ve had to re-glue a few places after stuffing it in my backpack a few times. It adds character to the hand-crafted look.

All ports, holes, vents and tiny blinking lights around the edge are open and visible, the leather having been carefully cut out for each. The bottom is covered but there is a cutout around the description and serial number. The asking price is $2000.

I didn’t create this laptop to sell it. I did it for my own enjoyment but have decided to sell to help get greater exposure of my other works, my writing, my illustrations and watercolors. Please share this with your friends, and visit to find out more about me and Fester Vermin. Wait! Who is Fester Vermin?

Contact me if interested or you have a comment. I will list this with more photos on Ebay and my Saatchi art site. Links are at

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