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Finally! The Alien ET

The electric trike that I started well over a year ago is finished, and here it is, the “Alien ET-Electric Trike,” and boy will this thing fly! In spite of the trike weighing about a hundred pounds, this thing accelerates as fast as my car, up to 20mph. I had it up to 25mph and was still accelerating, but it was getting frightening. The toe-in needs adjusting. It’s a recumbent rocket trike. I hope to reprogram the motor to have a less aggressive throttle response. It is hard to go slow.

It looks great, it’s very easy to control and should go 20 miles or more on a charge with a three hour recharge time. Three disc brakes stop the trike quickly. The unique hammock style seat is adjustable and the gel-foam covered rib panels make long distance riding very comfortable. The trike is all-electric, no sprockets and chains and the pedals are footrests only.

The original plan was to start a small company to manufacture electric trikes and hire veterans and disabled people to build them, but I appealed to people who want to help vets when I should have approached people who want help a small business startup. Anyway, it’s done, it’s fun and I am pleased with the outcome. We’ll see what happens next.

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Home Town Car


I recently came across this 1926 Chrysler 70 series sedan and just got new tires on it today. Amazingly, it has been stored in a barn since 1958 and was last registered to a Patrick McMahon, 1401 E 39th Street, Vancouver, Washington. I’m posting this in hope of finding a relative or neighbor of Mr. McMahon or the previous owner, James Stauffer (circa 1945), who lived in La Center, RR 1, box 179A. It’s nice to find a local car like this in such good condition for the area. to many of these cars were built. 1926 was Chrysler’s second year in business.

The car will be offered for sale soon, but would like to see if I can learn more of the car’s history first. I have more photos if anyone would like to see more views.

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Nuclear Scientist Rocket Engineer

In the past two days I spoke with two dear friends of mine. Then, tonight I realized that I know and just spoke to a rocket scientist and a nuclear bomb engineer.

I fascinate myself in all the exciting things I’ve done while feeling no different from anyone else. I looked the grim reaper in the eye a dozen times and am still here to tell about it. I flew a 1960 Mini Cooper. I had Ridley Scott personally read my screenplay while I sat in his studio bungalow. I built a flying car, flew radar and photo recon missions up and down the Ho Chi Mhin trail and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane over 60 times and once in a situation I still don’t think I should talk about. Fun times, fun times.

So, if I’m claiming the title of the most interesting man in Vancouver, I have to back it up. I can document most of my claims with photos and more. the rest becomes obvious through logical conclusion of facts.

I was nearly kidnapped by a Bedouin camel train in Iran.

Why me? I’m writing this just to see if there is someone out there who can match or top my experiences and can back up the claims. I stand behind my claims.

Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

Actually, Beuler comes close, except that it’s a fictional movie.

I flew a Mini Cooper. Let me know if you want to know how, or details about the separate flying car that I built, all true.

If you are still reading this, you have too much free time, but I appreciate your interest. The followup will expend your mind and mine. Go to to see my autobiography and my other eBooks.

As General Patton said on the African front during WWII, “Many tanks.”


This photo was taken in Iran’s Dasht de Lut, the desert of nothing.

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My Macbook Pro on eBay


Its on eBay and it can be yours. When sold, I’ll have a new hard drive installed, a Bladerunner desktop background and a file that contains my autobiography, :I Died But I Got Better,” and my ski/fi fantasy, “Airhead In Space” along with some of my drawings and paintings.

This is my tribute to Ridley Scott. The leather was glued to the aluminum case, carefully cutting out the leather for all the ports, etc. Back is covered but still removable by removing screws. The top was brushed with three coats of gesso, then I began to draw and paint. the leather and the illustration are sealed with a clear spray.

See the listing here:

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I built the first flying car

“Where am I? How did I get here?”

“It’s just sheer luck that a deep salvage crew found you drifting past the outer rim.”

“How long was I out there?”

“Has no one spoken to you about this?”

“How long, Burke?”

” . . . sixty-seven years.”


This is the Bladerunner Spinner, the flying car from the future, on the sidewalk outside Gene Winfield’s shop in Canoga Park. I helped build it and occasionally would drive it through the Carl’s Junior drive through, up the street, to pick up lunch for the crew at Winfield Special Projects. Many more details. Many more photos.

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I’ve just returned from the future

Don’t ask me how the election turned out. I’m not gonna go there.

Yeah, we finally got flying cars. How long have we been waiting?  For some reason, folks in the future quit hating each other, wars ended and prosperity blossomed. Not sure how that happened but it must have included a general IQ upgrade.

I still have space lag and feel as though one or more dimensions is missing, but I’ll take a few questions:

Yes, you, the bubble-headed bleached blonde:

“Uh, did Justin Bieber get married?”

As I was saying, the IQ upgrade is yet upcoming. Next question: You with the blue hair:

“Where can I get one of those flying cars, sonny? Ever since I saw “Bladerunner” I gotta get me one of those.”

Yeah, Will Smith said that in “Independence day” and I built the flying car in the movie, “Bladerunner.” So, there!

Ridley Scott, personal friend of mine . . . for a few moments.

The tropical alien planet with diamond sand beaches that I saw was in the star cluster, beta reticuli, in the dogfishead nebula. Friendly aliens, cheap drinks, loose androids and near continuous good surf with a predictable right break, thanks to four moons.

I was there for six weeks, got a great tan and the earth/gringo bars were great after the twin sunset. I was returned to my earthly body four seconds after the aliens abducted me and let me fly their flying saucer, cigar-shaped triangle craft to Uranus. I have photos you can buy; two 8 by 10’s, four 5 by 7’s or a dozen passport photos you can send to friends.

I’m sure there will be more when I get back from the future again.ET small

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