I’ve just returned from the future

Don’t ask me how the election turned out. I’m not gonna go there.

Yeah, we finally got flying cars. How long have we been waiting?  For some reason, folks in the future quit hating each other, wars ended and prosperity blossomed. Not sure how that happened but it must have included a general IQ upgrade.

I still have space lag and feel as though one or more dimensions is missing, but I’ll take a few questions:

Yes, you, the bubble-headed bleached blonde:

“Uh, did Justin Bieber get married?”

As I was saying, the IQ upgrade is yet upcoming. Next question: You with the blue hair:

“Where can I get one of those flying cars, sonny? Ever since I saw “Bladerunner” I gotta get me one of those.”

Yeah, Will Smith said that in “Independence day” and I built the flying car in the movie, “Bladerunner.” So, there!

Ridley Scott, personal friend of mine . . . for a few moments.

The tropical alien planet with diamond sand beaches that I saw was in the star cluster, beta reticuli, in the dogfishead nebula. Friendly aliens, cheap drinks, loose androids and near continuous good surf with a predictable right break, thanks to four moons.

I was there for six weeks, got a great tan and the earth/gringo bars were great after the twin sunset. I was returned to my earthly body four seconds after the aliens abducted me and let me fly their flying saucer, cigar-shaped triangle craft to Uranus. I have photos you can buy; two 8 by 10’s, four 5 by 7’s or a dozen passport photos you can send to friends.

I’m sure there will be more when I get back from the future again.ET small

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