Finally! The Alien ET

The electric trike that I started well over a year ago is finished, and here it is, the “Alien ET-Electric Trike,” and boy will this thing fly! In spite of the trike weighing about a hundred pounds, this thing accelerates as fast as my car, up to 20mph. I had it up to 25mph and was still accelerating, but it was getting frightening. The toe-in needs adjusting. It’s a recumbent rocket trike. I hope to reprogram the motor to have a less aggressive throttle response. It is hard to go slow.

It looks great, it’s very easy to control and should go 20 miles or more on a charge with a three hour recharge time. Three disc brakes stop the trike quickly. The unique hammock style seat is adjustable and the gel-foam covered rib panels make long distance riding very comfortable. The trike is all-electric, no sprockets and chains and the pedals are footrests only.

The original plan was to start a small company to manufacture electric trikes and hire veterans and disabled people to build them, but I appealed to people who want to help vets when I should have approached people who want help a small business startup. Anyway, it’s done, it’s fun and I am pleased with the outcome. We’ll see what happens next.

What do you think?



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2 responses to “Finally! The Alien ET

  1. Doug Young

    hats a cool trikle i’d like one! Send me the plans????
    Doug Young

    • Sorry Doug. No plans. The motor and controller package is from Golden Motor in China. I bought it on Alibaba. Everything else is similar to one I built in 2000, but this one really flies. I’ll put more pics up once I get settled in. I just moved back to Fredericksburg, Texas.

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