My Alien Abduction Vacation

Some of you may know that I’m moving to Fredericksburg, Texas. It’s been a difficult struggle to pull it all together. None of you care to hear the details, so I’ll get on with it.

I spent last night at the Little Ale-Inn, in Rachel, Nevada. Rachel is not on many maps because it is just a restaurant/bar, motel of sorts and a few RV hookups, and it’s on the extraterrestrial highway, just outside Area 51. I got a room in a modified mobile home and went to the bar for dinner.

I could write a book. Outside was a white Ford pickup with no plates, an aluminum box and a half-dozen antennas on the roof and two guys sitting in the corner that matched the truck. The conversation was all over the place, but at twilight, everyone wanted to go outside and look towards Kickapoo Peak. On the back wall of the bar were hundreds of photos taken locally of a variety of OFO’s.

As the sunset faded to twilight, the light show began over Kickapoo Peak. How many times do you kick yourself in the ass for leaving your smartphone in your room? It only lasted a few minutes but was like a faceted gold light spinning and going in and out of focus. Strangely, non of the locals were taking photos, and the comments were like, yeah, we see this all the time.

The photo is the entrance to Area 51, Mailbox road, one of two roads in Arizona with no signage, no markings or designations, the two roads to Groom Lake.

Today I made it to Benson, Arizona, on my way to Tombstone, for another visit to what feels so familiar, at rough wild west outlaw culture. I was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, and when we got off duty, we would drive the 15 miles to Tombstone to drink in the saloons that the famous old cowboys did. It’s a true connection to our past.

Then I’m off to Rozwell, New Mexico to have the aliens re-unite me with my body, then go be an outlaw in Texas. What did you do this week?Mailbox Road.jpg

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  1. Carey aka Fred

    I always enjoy your adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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