Finally Found Home


They pulled her in today and set it up on cinder blocks, my new home. My pride and joy! I got the corrugated tin awning set up an weer good to go. My competition beer drinkin’ nabers come over an challenged me but I gotta kill the rats before anything else. I gotta sleep without the gnawing an chewing an all that. Ol’ Filbert is keepin the vermits at bay. I got him a red neckerchief scarf. He’s a handsome cat.

Did I say 2009 RV? I meant 1909. That’s a very rare and not collectable 1909, horse drawn, Magellan 39 foot Conquistador. Ask my friend, Phil to spell that. Anyways, the goats are comin in tomorrow to mow the grass and I’ll keep you updated on the fire ant advance.

It’s Friday, November 17th, and I’m still working on my tan. How is that moss and mold thing working this pneumonia season? You got mold. We got fire ants and rattlesnakes. If it ain’t on thing, it’s another.

Did you see that super moon? Boy Howdy!

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