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RFD, Texas


I painted this watercolor nearly twenty years ago, when I first arrived in Fredericksburg. It’s not very large, and took just an hour or so to paint, but is still one of my favorites. It expresses the feeling of open space that you don’t experience in the Northwest.

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Ain’t Nuthin in Texas That Growed What Don’t Got Thorns On It


It’s hard to see, but the bush in front with the two inch thorns and tiny green leaves is called the Thornbush, or the Crown of Christ. Go figure. Behind that is the Prickly Pear cactus with inch and a half thorns every inch. Behind that is a creosote bush, I think. It’s got needle-sharp, half inch thorns every half inch that make a rose bush look like an Easter Lilly. Behind all that is razor grass and cockle burrs. Not to mention the barb wire fence, this is one hundred feet from my front door, with fire ants in between. Rattlesnakes and tarantulas are a given.

The good news is that on this side of the barb wire is wild grass, a gravel road and shotguns.

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That Green Alien Thing


It came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline.

Jody fell out of the tractor, couldn’t believe what he seen.

“It Came Out of The Sky” Creedence Clearwater Revival

Then it landed just a little south of Fredericksburg. I built my first electric trike in 2000. It had a 500 watt motor and a top speed of 14mph, on a good day. Until tonight I’ve only driven this thing less than one mile. I finished the thing last month, just as I was moving to Texas. I no sooner got it together and working, then had to take it apart to ship to Texas.

I got the thing back together the other day and drove it another half mile, but tonight I took it out and drove down the back country road to watch the sunset. Oh my God! No, I’m too old to OMG, so, deal with it. This thing shot up to 35mph and was still pulling hard when I chickened and backed off. It’s still a bit twitchy because it needs a front end alignment and has high over-steer (it wants to go into the ditch). I think it will do 45mph or more. That’s too fast for this guy, but up to 25 or 30mph, this thing is a blast. The Alien Electric Trike.

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Hill Country Blues


Can you find the seven rattlesnakes in this photo?

Ain’t nothin’ what growed in Texas that don’t got thorns on it or want to bring harm to you. Cockle burs, razor grass, prickly pear, thornbush (that says it all),with thorns two inches long, and a hunnert others. The Injins follered the deer trails to avoid the pointed threats. Them first Americans movin’ west follered the Injin trails. Then more wagons came and made it a road. So, our roads and highways were all originally laid out by deer and Native Americans, as it should be.

Today was perfect here. 72 degree high, sunny all day with a light breeze. Yeah, I’m kinda bragging, but we’ll soon get weather that can be freaky scary. I’ll keep Y’alls posted. You see; y’all means you. Y’alls means more than one y’all. Got it?

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