Hill Country Blues


Can you find the seven rattlesnakes in this photo?

Ain’t nothin’ what growed in Texas that don’t got thorns on it or want to bring harm to you. Cockle burs, razor grass, prickly pear, thornbush (that says it all),with thorns two inches long, and a hunnert others. The Injins follered the deer trails to avoid the pointed threats. Them first Americans movin’ west follered the Injin trails. Then more wagons came and made it a road. So, our roads and highways were all originally laid out by deer and Native Americans, as it should be.

Today was perfect here. 72 degree high, sunny all day with a light breeze. Yeah, I’m kinda bragging, but we’ll soon get weather that can be freaky scary. I’ll keep Y’alls posted. You see; y’all means you. Y’alls means more than one y’all. Got it?

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