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It’s Wildflower Season!


This is a field of bluebonnets. The bluebonnets are the first flowers to bloom. They’ve been blooming for about two weeks and are everywhere, cow pastures, wheat fields, bar ditches and people’s front lawns in town. Now, the rest of the dozen or so species of flowers are starting to pop. They are orange and yellow and blue and violet and maroon and white. It is as though the Disney studio came in to film a movie and did this in preparation. It is spectacular and I invite any and all to come visit in the next six to eight weeks. Don’t forget the camera and some extra breath, because it will be taken away the first time you see it. It seriously looks unreal, it is so beautiful. I’ll try to update as the other colored flowers fill the fields.

As I said, it’s here, wish you were beautiful, or something like that. How does it go?


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Pecan Grove

I have to tell you about the Pecan Grove. It’s an old Sinclair gas station from the 50’s that is a classic museum piece, now with new owners who have resurrected this beer joint. They haven’t sold gas in more than twenty years, but it is a charming old western bar with tons of character and history. ┬áIt was once owned by old man Segner, who would work in the garage and tell his patrons to get their own beer and put the money in the till. More interesting than that are the current patrons, who spew stories of local history that will blow your mind. Like the story of the hanging tree. My friend Cody tells about his forefathers during the Civil War who questioned every stranger who entered the area. They would ask, “Are you blue or grey?” No matter how they answered, they would hang the stranger, because the locals just could not deal with strangers. Over thirty men were hung.

Not that unusual. Folks back then did not trust anyone they did not know. Hanging the strangers from a tree (which still exists) was an easy solution to the threat. I’ve had discussions with locals about existentialism, time travel and UFO’s. Call them rednecks if you will, but they may just be smarter than you. Not smarter than me, of course, but always interesting.

The new owners have resurrected this museum with great success. They have a vast menu that consists of a hamburger or cheeseburger and nothing else, only available on Friday or Saturday. Somehow, that adds to the charm. I’d love to take you there and buy you a beer. You pay for your own burger. They have a large outdoor area that includes washer pits (similar to horseshoes), fire pits for when it’s cold, and a motorcycle museum. I mean, what more could you ask for an old redneck cowboy bar? I give it five Texas lone stars.

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