One more reminder-The last day


My “Airhead In Space” ebook is FREE today. Both episodes are free to download, Along with a couple Fester Vermin tales of the old west, including “The Tales of Heater, Texas. To download your free copies, click here

If you like to laugh, you won’t be disappointed. Airhead is a crash test dummy from the twenty-third and a halfth century who’s brain is stolen by Martians, and the crazy antics to recover it involve aliens, spaceships, sexy androids, a digital goddess and an ex-wife to spice things up. You never knew outer space could be so funny. Tales of Heater is about the struggles of a young town on the plains in early Texas. Written in cowboy lingo and frontier gibberish, it literally crashed my spell-checker as I wrote. The Short story, “Tough” is about how tough life really was in the old west. Both old west tales are hilarious reads. My autobiography, “I Died But I Got Better” is also available for free today, All my books are written to make the reader laugh, hoot, chuckle and grin, as well as something you’ll enjoy sharing with others over a cup of coffee, or better yet, a cold beer. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Thanks to all.

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