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Hey Guys! All this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my insane sci-fi fantasy ebook, “Airhead In Space, Planet 3” will be free to download.Airhead Amazon book cover

It’s available on Amazon/Kindle. Click this link: or go to Amazon and type Lance Von Prum in the search window. That will take you to my library page. You’ll see some of my other books. Scroll down until you see Airhead and the free download offer. This should begin after midnight tonight.

The “Airhead In Space” trilogy was a three year effort that has resulted in what others have told me is some of the funniest, most unique humor they have ever read. That was my intent, to make you laugh, to make you squirt milk out your nose. You be the judge. It’s free! You don’t need a Kindle to read this. Some of you may have to download a Kindle app but many computers now will open ebooks.

“Airhead In Space, Planet 3” is the hilarious story of a twenty-third and a halfth century spaceship crash test dummy whose brain is stolen by aliens, and travels across the universe to recover it. The story involves aliens, spaceship crashes, an ex-wife, blue pills, Hunter Thompson, Timothy Leary, sex, drugs and lasar weopons! What more can you want?

If you love, love, love the crazy adventures of Airhead, please go back to Amazon and leave me a nice review. That would really be helpful. Thank you. You can see the other two books in the Airhead trilogy. All three are also available in paperback but they won’t let me give away the paperbacks. I’ll try to offer the other two “Airhead” books sometime soon. Let me know what to think.

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