The Bizbeings!

The Bizbeings

Those of you who know me, know that I paint watercolors from life, usually in a realistic style. However, being a Gemini, I see this duality, like two sides of a coin, or in my case, opposite ends of the stick. Now and then, yesterday, for example, I like to get away from the realistic style that I usually work in, staring at images and photographs as I lay down each brushstroke. The other end of the proverbial stick, for me, is all the shit in my head, the stuff I think up, imagine or remember from a recent abduction.

I love Bisbee, but we all know it’s a little strange. Oh no, not you of course, but you know what I’m saying . . . So, yesterday my brain bubbled over and this came out, “The Bizbeings.” I’m not sure yet on how to detect Bisbonians. I’m sure that will also bubble over soon. With all the art crap I’ve got, it’s interesting that my favorite drawing tools are a number 2 pencil and a ballpoint pen. So, on a 9″ by 12″ sheet of Arches HP, I first drew everything in pencil, simplified. The ballpoint pen has the ability to draw a very faint line or a dark bold line and the whole range in between, something that the marker style pens cannot do. I drew over the pencil, refining, adding detail, having fun.

These are not, however, my only tools. They like me at the art supply store. I used a medium Faber-Castell marker to draw the six panels and outlined the lettering. At this point, I erased all the pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. The coloration is a variety of Winsor Newton watercolors, Tombow watercolor markers, bug juice, and alien blood.

So, until I get my next inspiration to paint something realistic, I offer you, “The Bizbeings.” This piece is for sale for $225. at my studio. Contact me if interested. I also take commissions. I do amazing portraits of people, kids, dogs, grandmas, or? Go to my website, to learn more about me and see lots of examples of my work. As always, thank you for visiting my page. Please leave a comment or a like or something.

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