Free eBook, “The Martian Conspiracy”

Thank you, everyone, for the great response to last month’s eBook giveaway, “Airhead In Space, Planet 3.” As promised, I’m giving away the next in the “Airhead” trilogy, “Airhead In Space, The Martian Conspiracy,” in which Airhead’s brain is swiped again, this time by Martians.  This is not a story about a dumb blonde! Airhead is a twenty-third-century rocketship crash test dummy who works for JPL and NASA. Although he’s made of Kevlar, titanium and carbon fiber, he acts much like anyone else in the twenty-third century. The hilarious illustrated story involves aliens, seven dimensions, a digital sweetie, Hunter Thompson, little blue pills, an ex-wife, and some “R” rated activities in the “Low-Grav All Night Motel. Several happy readers have mentioned that I have a very unique and entertaining writing style that keeps them laughing page after page.

Do you remember “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson? Whether you do or not, you will laugh again and again as Johnny interviews Airhead and Alice, his ex-wife. This sci-fi fantasy story is available for a free download this Saturday and Sunday on Amazon/Kindle. Click here to download. This book is part of a three-episode series but can be read alone. I have also illustrated each of these books with dozens of insane sci-fi fantasy drawings that will also tickle your funny bone.  You can read about the other two books when you go to Amazon, but to learn more about Airhead you can visit his website at All three of these eBooks are also available in paperback.The Martian Conspiracy

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