The Martian Conspiracy,” Download for free!

Just a reminder: If you missed my post yesterday, I’m offering my ebook, “The Martian Conspiracy” free to download. This is the second book in my “Airhead In Space” trilogy. Last month I offered the first in the series, called, “Airhead In Space, Planet 3,” but each book can be read separately, so please, check it out and see what you think.
Ridiculous, preposterous, funny! A twenty-third-century rocketship crash test dummy chases his brain, stolen by Martians across the galaxy, encountering aliens, an ex-wife, and one bizarre, experience after another that will keep you laughing until the end. My uniquely humorous wring style will paint the most vivid mental images of the most improbable situations guaranteed to make you chuckle and laugh again and again. Lighthearted, entertaining and easy to read, filled with twists and surprises.
All three ebooks are available on Amazon/Kindle. Click here to download your free copy.The Martian Conspiracy 

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