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“Airhead In Space, The Martian Conspiracy” is free to download today. I want to share this with everyone because I know it will make you laugh. No, it’s not about a dumb blonde. The Martian ConspiracyIt’s a crazy story about a twenty-third-century rocketship crash test dummy whose brain is stolen by Martians and taken to the seventh and a halfth dimension. It’s also illustrated with a bunch of my silly drawings that add a lot to the hilarious story. The full title is, “Airhead In Space, The Martian Conspiracy” and is available on Amazon/Kindle. Click here to go to my Amazon book page to download. You might alternatively type in, Lance Von Prum to see all of my books. You don’t need a Kindle to read it. You may need to download a free Kindle app. I’ve got nothing but positive comments about all three books in the series so I’m sure that you’ll laugh your way from beginning to the end. I only ask that if you do enjoy it, please go back to Amazon and rate the book. Thank you to all. I invite you to follow my blog for future updates. I regularly offer at least one of my eBooks for free each month. Thanks again.

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