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It’s Free!

For those who missed my previous post, for the next three days, I’m giving away my crazy ebook “Airhead In Space, Planet 3” for free.

Airhead Amazon book cover

If you like to laugh, you’ll enjoy this uniquely hilarious sci-fi fantasy. The insane story is illustrated and involves aliens, female androids, spaceship crashes, blue pills, sex, Hunter Thompson and Timothy Leary. Airhead’s brain is stolen by aliens and taken to Planet 3 in the seventh and a halfth dimension. An ex-wife spices things up and leads to an “R” rating.

To download click on this link: or go to Amazon and type Lance Von Prum in the search window. That will take you to my library page. You’ll see some of my other books. Scroll down until you see Airhead and the free download offer. You don’t need a Kindle to read this. Some of you may need to download the free Kindle Ap if it’s not on your phone or computer.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. There are two other books in the series and I will try to offer those for free in the near future. The books are also available in paperback and both the ebook and paperback are illustrated with crazy drawings that help you imagine Airhead’s crazy world and keep you laughing.

If you download and enjoy my book, would you please go back to my Amazon page and leave a review? That would be very helpful. Thank you and share with a friend. Share the laughter and maybe drop me an email with your comments.

There is a new Airhead story brewing in my head that may or may not involve Bizbeings or Bisbonians. Send me your suggestions.

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Page 37, The Quadrant Guardian’s Handbook

I painted this about nineteen years ago but is still one of my favorite watercolors. During a one man show about ten years ago, one young man stared at this painting for three hours, uninterrupted, then begged me to tell him what it means. It’s called Fantasy Art for a reason.

The detail is beyond my camera, so I had a local company, J2 blueprints do a high resolution scan so I can make prints. Please check it out. Zoom in to see the detail. Prints will soon be available at


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Been busy

I haven’t posted in quite a while because I have focused my life in another area. I love custom and classic cars but my real passion is writing and painting. Recently I resurrected a cartoon character I created years ago and am about to launch a Kickstarter project to fund my long time idea to publish an illustrated sci/fi fantasy adventure novel. I have the first of what I hope will be three or four episodes of Airhead and his adventures in the seventh and a halfth dimension.

Go to for all the details and blog back at my new blog at

Airhead tee shirt 1

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